Sun’s Last Rays

Let’s take a walk.

Walk with me along the cliffs.

We don’t need to talk.

I want to watch the clouds,

rush in to fill the fields with fog,

and sway the wet grass.

I want to watch the sunrise,

the birds take off, hear fires crack,

listen to the sounds of morning.

Let’s hike down to the river,

and witness the steam rising,

over the fresh musky earth.

Later we can jump into a car,

and listen to the Bee Gee’s,

AC/DC, and the Stones.

I can be looking at the road,

and you out the window,

and we can not say a word.

And then we will stop, fuel up,

and talk and talk and talk,

and time flies by like no tomorrow.

And everything is alright,

and nothing really matters, and yet,

it all matters to some degree…but not.

And what really matters most is life.

And we agree, “There are too many trails,

walked alone”.

As we pull into the next site,

and without a word, go to work,

setting up camp under monumental trees.

Leaving time for dinner and a hike.

I love you as the evening light,

beams through the canopy of leaves.

When I get old, I hope to sit and watch you,

with your legs crossed, breath in deep,

and hold my hand as I take in the sun’s last rays.


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One response to “Sun’s Last Rays

  1. Noelle and I speak volumes in our silence, and then volumes in our yacking. You would think after 15 years we would run out of things to say and talk about but we never do. 🙂 Sunsets with loved ones are the best.

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