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The Girl in the Window

Jones: “She keeps looking down at me. What the fuck is wrong with her. I don’t trust kids. They’re all a bunch of gang bangers or punks now-a-days. What’s up with those pants? One day they’re baggy and the next day they’re skinny. In my day, only a clown would dress like these idiots. And that one, up there in the window, why is she always wearing black? You’d think it was a funeral. And why is that nosy kid always staring down here?”

Girl:Why does that dirty old man keep looking up here? What the hell do you want? You totally creep me out. You are a pervert. I bet you fuck Mrs. Thornton in that back stockroom. Judy, her name should be Judas. Why not? She always spends at least an hour or more in that crappy little shit hole of a store. She hardly ever buys anything. No one else ever goes into the store during the middle of the day. It’s not like she’s just hanging-out talking to your slimy ass. It’s perfect. I bet you’re shagging the pastor’s wife. You are one sick old man. There you go again, looking up at me with those crazy, lustful eyes. Mind your own business, pervert. You are one sick bird.”

Jones: “Look at her, why does she dye her hair black? Why all that cheap dark make-up? Doesn’t she know she’s far more attractive without it? She’s an angel. A spittin’ image of her mother, when she was that age. Well, she has her father’s eyes. Such a shame. Her dad was a good man. What the hell did he see that street tramp Mary? Now she was a real train wreck. So sad. Look what he did to that family. Perhaps Judy is right, their story will have nothing but a tragic ending.”

Girl: “Why is he still looking up here? Look at him, he is pretending not to look up. He knows I see him. What a pathetic old freak. I bet he would just love to get his boney litter fingers my body. He is a sick, sick, sick old fuck. He seriously needs help. They’re all a bunch of sick old fuck hypocrites. Old man Jones cheating on his wife with Pastor Thornton’s wife, ha! This is one weird and twisted-ass town. Now I know why dad split. Mom’s a drunk and the entire town is filled with sex-crazed psychos that can’t wait to get their slobbering hands on me. Fuck them. I am dead to them. I’m getting the hell out of here before that pervert rapes me. 18 and I’m home free, you twisted puppy.”

Jones: “That girl has one wild imagination. She was out of her skull stoned last week. Only 16?  So sad. That poor child. She’s so young. Judy is right, she’s going to need a lot of help. Who’s that coming? Oh, it’s the fucking Pastor. Never see him around here this time of day? Thursday is his day for hospital visits. That’s strange? Thank God Judy is not around. I’ll get him to start a prayer circle for the poor child. He’ll like that.”

Detective: “That’s right, Chief. Just then, Pastor Thornton dives up, gets out of the car, pulls out a pistol, and shoots Jones right here in the head. He then calmly gets back into his car and drives off. According to our eye witness, some 16 year old girl in the window, over there, across the street. Imagine that!  I guess he wasn’t counting on her, was he, Chief?”

Chief: “Call out an APB, Pastor Damien Thornton. Armed and dangerous”.

(oil painting, “The Girl in the Window” by Stefan Kuhn).


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