Night Strolls


It was nearly midnight and I was feeling restless.

The moon was full when I wandered onto the trails.

The smell of Bay leaves brimmed the air.


Your silence was heard loud and clear. You whispered,

Into my ear nothing but the breath of a woman,

Walking out the door and into her own personal forest.


I wanted to save you but I didn’t have the force.

I was fighting off my own whirlwind, and losing the contest.

I too needed to walk off into the woods alone.


After the earthquake the boards in the old house creaked.

As if she was telling me a home is not a home,

Unless there is a woman unequivocally in love.


I knew I was unable to deliver the goods. I needed,

To walk the trails at night and find my own strange way.



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4 responses to “Night Strolls

  1. Melody J Haislip

    The ways of the human heart truly are unfathomable. I enjoy it when you explore them and add your own subtle twist.

    • Thanks Melody. Once again, I just wrote this poem a couple hours ago and I’m just now tweaking and exploring this piece. Eventually, I’ll be taken down many of the poems I’m writing now and putting them in OUR new book. You are interested in the editing job I assume? 😉

  2. You couldn’t ask for a finer editor!

    Hey Dean, I have lots of poems. This was mysterious and I had to reread it just to let it sink in. Nice.

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