Unrequited Love


I wanted to take you to China.

Show you the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

I was looking forward to sharing,

Bowls of chow mein and wonton soup.


I wanted to take you with me.

To have a companion to trek the world.

I was looking for a friend willing to walk,

The extra mile I am willing to walk.


I thought about taking you zip lining,

Over the redwoods and down to the ocean.

I considered a weekend escape,

Driving up your curvy coast to Mendocino.


We would stay in the Osprey room.

During the day masseuses would come,

After which we would soak in the spa,

with the nearly suffocating lavender salts.


Then deliriously wander off to the house,

On the cliff with an attic full of history books.

Before dining at the old Victorian hotel,

With adequately fine food and equal service.


But angels have wings and they need to fly,

And I would never tie you down with unrequited love.



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4 responses to “Unrequited Love

  1. Wow…. really like this Dean. 🙂

  2. Melody J Haislip

    “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
    A stately pleasure-dome decree”
    Take that, Samuel Taylor Coleridge! Dean Walker is the 21st Century answer to Mr. Coleridge. Beautiful, Dean, as always. 🙂

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