Marriage Gone By Lives On


It was still early and I had just watered the garden.

Sitting down in the backyard, sipping coffee,

I pulled out an old copy of Wendell Berry poems.


Randomly opening the book, two photos of you fell out.

Marking a collection called, “The Country of Marriage”,

Simultaneously, I felt both happy and sad.


I recall the time when I wore your cloth crown,

And strutted like a fool around your living room singing,

“If I were king of the forest”, from the Wizard of Oz.


I remember our visits to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Venice.

We were in our mid-30’s, yet behaved like teenagers.

Taking nearly naked photos of each other after making love.


While our marriage is gone the memories live on.

The poetry and photographs of an inviolable heart.



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7 responses to “Marriage Gone By Lives On

  1. Sara

    Oh so poignant, Dean. Bittersweet. xox

  2. Melody J Haislip

    To me there is something so melancholy about a quiet Sunday afternoon. It put me in the perfect mood to read this little gem. “Simultaneously, I felt both happy and sad.” That describes it so well. Dean, you are one of my favorite poets. And I like the proposed title.

  3. Thanks so much Melody. Of course I’ll let you edit the book when I’m finished. You’re the best. Cheers!

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