Letter to Ex

abandoned house by arphot.diviantart.com

Letter to Ex

There are no more walls in my house.

I hang my pictures on the air.

My carpet is made of grass and moss.

My bed is the corn husks of your heart.

Your mind is the fire for my stove.

I cook my soup with your words.

I have no need for plates or bowls,

As I dine on the wisdom of your soul.

I have no need for tinted windows,

Nor drawn curtains and closed shutters.

I have no roof, no floor, no doors.

And thanks to you, no secrets any more.

I have nothing left in life to hide.

Now that you have robbed me blind.

(originally published at www.ExpatsPoetry.com)



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5 responses to “Letter to Ex

  1. Very nice. Sad to think this happens… but often it does. Does this have anything to do with recent events?

    • Hey Dani, Thanks for the comments. Well, this poem seems to reflect some of the changes that occured in my life over the last six months, but the piece was actually written many years ago and just now taken out for publication.

  2. Isn’t it interesting to go back and look at work you’ve written in a completely different time in your life? Knowing your situation now, this is not the Dean I know. So happy you’ve moved onwards and upwards!

  3. Kharithana

    Robbed blind? Darn. Hate it when that happens.

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