She rummages through dumpsters,

procuring old picture frames,

earthenware, and nearly new clothes.

Scavaging back alleyways,

scouring through life’s thrown away.

Discovering emeralds,

coffee tables, and golden cows.

She knows exactly where to look.

By day’s end she fills the truck.

Stacked dresser drawers full,

of books, pearls, and girly gifts,

things he will never understand.

Yet, he receives each found treasure,

with the openness of being in love.



Filed under Poems

4 responses to “Salvage

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Dean, this is something of a departure for you. I like the whimsical pic and the sweetness of the verses.

  2. Thanks, Melody. I’m not sure it is really a departure from my overall poetic themes. I have a box full of poems that touch of many related images and emotions. I just need to open that box up.

  3. Dean, this is a beautiful testament to love. We may not understand all the gifts, but if we truly love, we accept them as treasures from the one to whom we have given our heart, trusting in their importance.

  4. Dani Heart

    Really enjoyed this one Dean. smiles. Great descriptives. A couple of spelling typos. lol

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