Leaving Tree

Deer about to shit

I’m leaving the tree that flowered me,
leaving the leaves that nurture,
leaving the twig, the branch, the trunk,
and falling down to Earth.

I’m leaving the land I’m rotting on,
leaving the soil and worms,
leaving the flora I fell upon,
and entering the belly of a beast.

I’m leaving the teeth that chewed me,
leaving the throat and stomach,
leaving the gastro intestines,
and the asshole that shit me out.

And what is left is this tiny seed,
with the possibility of becoming a tree.



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8 responses to “Leaving Tree

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Dean, this is definitely one of the more unusual sonnets I have read. I absolutely love the deer’s expression. I followed the progress of your leaf with interest and admiration.

  2. Howard Gabe

    loved it.

  3. I remember that tree! Wonderful post, Dean.

  4. Trisha Peck Mathews

    I relate. Wonderful to see you are still writing. I love it!

    • Is the the one and only Trisha Peck? !!!! Nice to see you.

      • Trisha Peck Mathews

        Yes, it is! Crazy as ever. I thought of you the other day and typed “dean walker, poet” into google and there you were. Your writing is wonderful and I was just thrilled that you have stayed the course. Bravo! I was a little disturbed by the short story about the hippy guy being sodomized,
        relieved that the weed was saved. And I saw your video on YouTube with Henry and your writing space. Looks very peaceful and sweet. Hope all is well. Blessings to you.

      • Blessings to you too. Please email me at hurricanepoems@yahoo.com and keep in touch. I miss you and want to know how you are doing! Much Love, Dean

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