Radiation Dectection Deception

EPA RadNet image

This week, Project Censored was alerted, by a long time supporter, that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)  radiation watch site was down.  On Wednesday, Dr. Peter Phillips of Project Censored contacted the EPA, inquiring about the large number of downed radiation monitoring sites, known as RadNet. At first, the EPA was not able to respond to Project Censored’s questions.

However, today, March 26, 2011, the Associated press reported the  EPA acknowledged,

” Parts of America’s radiation alert network have been out of order during Japan’s nuclear crisis, raising concerns among some lawmakers about whether the system could safeguard the country in a future disaster.”

According to the EPA, “About 20 monitors out of 124 nationwide were out of service earlier this week, including units in Harlingen, Tex. and Buffalo, N.Y. on Friday.”

The EPA told the Associated Press, “The network as a whole continues to detect even the slightest traces of radiation in the air.”

The AP article demonstrates a pattern of underfunding and neglect to the monitoring system. Defunding and deregulation of the EPA has long been a target of the Right-wing , corporatocracy.  Project Censored wants to know more about the 20 downed monitors and the effects from, mostly corporate sponsored, political attacks on government agencies, which protect the health and welfare of Americans.

More on this issue to follow.


EPA RadNet map


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