Litnay of Love

I can count the freckles on your neck
the creases in your dress
the chamomile in your hair
and the sun in your hazel green eyes
along with your worldly smile
which offers me a warm meal
after a back breaking day
as well as that gawky laugh
that sometimes ends like a swine
and even your whines
when I fail to recycle
and those feathered costumes
we wear to pimp ourselves out
and your love for the honey bees
and your love for me
and your love for everything green
and your love for humanity
because, “Lord only knows
what hell has gotten into us.”
I can also count your butterfly collection
and your eccentric pottery
along with your interest in books
but mostly I count your looks
your playful antagonism
your adoring girlfriend eyes
and even your punishing scowl.
You leave me to waste
half my waken days
daydreaming of you.



Filed under Poems

2 responses to “Litnay of Love

  1. Melody J Haislip

    Ah, but is it a waste if it’s love?

  2. Dani Heart

    Very nice Dean. This piece made me smile.

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