All American Mentality

The great war for civilization
boils down to the nuts and bolts
of humanity acting sanely.
Which is a lot to ask
from a group of monkeys
that like to throw their feces
whenever they get angry.
The great war for domination
is all about winning hearts
and minds of people who have neither.
It’s like telling a dog
not to pee on a tree
or a cat not to sharpen its claws
on the plush living room furniture.
Nonetheless, the great war
must be waged on our neighbors.
How else would the world
be able to sift through
all the losers? After all,
there can only be one winner.



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2 responses to “All American Mentality

  1. Dani Heart

    This is so hard hitting and so well said.

  2. Todd

    I think….this sums it up….meeting adjourned sine die.

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